Wednesday, September 23, 2015

17 Funny & Relateable Fashion Quotes

One of the best things on Pinterest is finding a good quote- especially it is a fashion related quote. The best quotes make us feel something, whether it makes us literally laugh out loud, inspires us, or it's something we can relate to. I rounded up my favorite pin worthy quotes to give you some much needed Pinspiration for the day. BTW,  I'm on Pinterest if you want to follow me (shameless self promotion).  

Still being haunted by the ghosts of things I didn't buy.

Why are we not funding this?!

Forever and ever, amen. 

Check, check, and check. 

Like Crocs, Mondays are the worst.

Instagram: having my back since 2012. 

Valentino > having a valentine.

Questions that need answers. 

Music to my ears.

Me when I get hangry.  

But you don't understand, I need to bring 12 pairs of shoes for a 3 day trip. 


I'm almost ready = I just got out of the shower

Like...can you not? 

The fear is real you guys. 

No judgement here. 

Make the world your catwalk. 
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