Thursday, July 23, 2015

Paint It Black

I know what you're thinking. All black in the middle of summer, really Rachel? Is it the most practical color to wear in the summer? No. Does an all black outfit make for an incredibly chic look? Absolutely. Even if it is 100 degrees outside, avoiding the dark hue is pretty much impossible for me. The things I do in the name of FASHUN. To make a black on black outfit more bearable for the summer, I try to wear this color in the evenings and gravitate towards more breathable fabrics.

Photos by: Cameron Badolato

Shirt: Thrifted similar here  and here 
Sunglasses: Marshalls (Cole Haan) similar here  , here  , and here 
Shoes: Converse  

Are you a fan of black on black outfits all season long? Let me know in the comment section!
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