Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pineapple O' Lanterns

Hey Everyone! So this is my first DIY/holiday themed post for my blog! I got inspiration for this post from a picture I saw on Instagram and I thought it would be really fun to try out.I thought it was super interesting to carve something other than a pumpkin. Lucky for me, this DIY was pretty easy to do. I'm usually terrible at DIY stuff/crafty stuff, so if I can do it, then it really is easy to do. As Courtney Kerr once said "I'm not a D-U-Y girl, i'm a B-U-Y girl." Carving a pineapple is pretty similar to carving a pumpkin. Here is how you do it! I used the steps on how to carve a pineapple from this Youtube video here . 

What you will need
  • Pineapple(1-3. Buy an extra in case you mess up)
  • A sharp knife
  • A cutting board or a baking pan to put the pineapple on (it will get messy)
  • A candle to put inside the pineapple
  • A lighter or match
  • A plastic spoon( to scoop up chunks of pineapple)
Step 1
Place the Pineapple on its side on the cutting board/ baking pan

Step 2
Begin by slicing around the side of the pineapple. Cut around the sides in a rectangle shape. When you do, the back of the pineapple should come off. Place the back of the pineapple off to the side.

Step 3
This is the part where you "gut" the pineapple. I suggest cutting straight down the middle,  then make little squares to easily pick them out. If you don't want to get your hands dirty, I used a plastic spoon to scoop out the pieces of the pineapple. Make sure a majority of the juice is out the pineapple. You may have to pick it up a pour the juice out inside of a sink or a trash can. Place the leftover slices of the pineapple on a plate or in a container to eat for later!
This is what it should look like after you gut it

Step 4
Flip the pineapple to the other side and start carving the eyes. I decided to do mine in a triangle shape.Make sure the placement of your eyes are level with each other.

Step 5
Start carving out the mouth. I made mine in a rectangular shape.

Step 6
Flip the pineapple upright. Place the candle inside, then put the back of the pineapple on. Your pineapple O' Lantern should look something like this when you are done.
After theses steps you are done! Are there any fun Halloween DIY's that you guys like to do? Do you guys want more DIY posts? Let me know in the comment section!


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