Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Obsessions and Unfavorites

It's Time for my May Obsessions and Unfavorites of the month! This month I did not have any unfavorites. If I don't have any strong obsessions or unfavorites for the month, I will not put it on the blog. I don't try to force things like that. Here are my obsessions of the month.

  1. Circa 77 vintage- Circa 77 vintage is a vintage store in Denton, Texas. I mesmerized the overall look and feel of the store. I loved how the clothes were organized by the decade. They had clothes from the 20’s all the way up to the 90’s.  For a vintage store, the clothes were moderately priced. If your in the Denton area anytime soon and you love vintage clothing, you should check it out!
  2. Keith Haring and Jean Michael Basquiat  Forever 21 Collection-  I adore this new line at Forever 21. This line is art meets fashion.  The collection features the images of Haring and Basquiat’s artwork.  Teen Vogue sums up these artists by saying “Basquiat’s and Haring  are famous for shaking up the American art scene with bold, graphic, sometimes in-your-face and sometimes really fun works.” Unfortunately, they also both left us too soon. Harring died of AIDS related complications and Basquiat of a heroin overdose. I like that this line will introduce the artworks of these artists to a new audience that might not have known of their work.
  3. Factory Girl-  This movie has been a long favorite of mine. Lately, I have been watching this movie non-stop. I’m pretty sure I have watched it at least 1 time every week this month of May. The movie is about Edie Sedgwick, the woman I wrote about in my Style Icon post. The movie is about the star’s highs and lows in her life. Most of the film focuses on Edie’s involvement with Andy Warhol and her time at the Silver Factory. One thing I love about this movie is the fashion. The movie takes place in the 60’s and shows Edie’s personal style brilliantly. The clothes featured in this movie definitely inspire my personal wardrobe.
  4. Physicians Formula Eyeliner-  I love this Physicians Formula 2-in-1 eye booster felt tip eyeliner. After hating the last eyeliner I bought (Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black), this eyeliner is a vast improvement. The eyeliner is easy to apply, it does not smudge, and the formula is long lasting. I am crazy terrible at applying eyeliner, so having an eyeliner that excels at all three of things helps my makeup routine tremendously. You can see where they sell the eyeliner here 


  1. Forever 21 always has the best clothing choices!

    Lilly. xx

  2. I love that Eyeliner as well! Just started out a fashion blog about 5 days ago and hope we could know each other better ;) !

  3. I'm obsessed with a good black eyeliner too! Also love the onesie!

  4. I'm obsessed with a good eye liner too! I love the onsesie!


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